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tv   Journal  KCSMMHZ  January 4, 2012 2:30pm-3:00pm PST

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national captioning institute journal." >> i am sarah kelly with business news. welcome. >> the german president regrets mistakes but will not stand down. andy republican caucus -- and the republican caucus in iowa. mitt romney winds, but only just. and a sensational new find, a new type of ichthyosaurus.
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>> german president wulff 6 to silence his critics with the new television appearance. he admitted he had made mistakes particularly with regard to stop a tabloid from publishing a story on dubious loans he received. many germans are wondering whether the answers he has presided are enough. >> he was a celebrity when he has appeared for his interview. for days he stayed silent on allegations he pressured a newspaper editor and other influential figures. now he has gone on camera and given an explanation of his conduct. he says the whole thing should not have happened to him.
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>> : the editor of the newspaper was a grave mistake and i apologize. i also apologize personally, and that was accepted. >> he said he felt victimized because private details of this house purchase were being investigated. but over christmas, he realized he had to explain himself. >> i have to revise my relationship to the media, integrated more strongly as a means of communication. the media has an important job in a democracy. >> wulff says there's nothing in the accusations against him, concerning the home loans or the holidays he had earlier with a wealthy friends. >> if the state premier is not allowed to have friends, if all german politicians are no longer permitted to sleep at a friend's house, that is a negative development in this country. i am convinced of that. >> that is why he says he does
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not want to step down. according to him, germany has other pressing problems. >> we need the strength to deal with political questions. we are facing difficult tasks ahead. this requires a president that can deal with these tasks. >> whether this interview will be enough to dispel the criticism is and not -- is remaining to be seen. he hopes no further allegations will surface. for now, cameras keep flashing. >> we will head street door chief -- we will head straight to our chief political correspondent. did the president say anything likely to end the debate as to his suitability for office? >> for many people in the media, he did not. he admitted he made a serious mistake of judgment when he called up high-ranking members
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of the press and tried to stop the publication of a potentially damaging report about that loan he took. however, beyond that, nothing -- it sounds often that the president is trying to make excuses for to find justification's for questionable actions. however, i think what he did to in the interview and did do very well is to appeal to the public with statements that will make it sound as if he is a victim of the media, as if he has been gained up on by the press, and in that sense, many members of the public will find this interview convincing enough that they will say "why should this president's not remain in office?" >> never the less, chancellor angela merkel has said she wants
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answers. >> she will be hoping the president's interview does put an end to the questions and scandal. this is quite uncomfortable for her on a number of different counts. president wulff replaced a former handpicked candidate she had nominated for president, and in fact that first president also stepped down. she will be eager to make sure there is not the second resignation. she also was a thin majority in the upper chamber of parliament. it would be difficult to get through a replacement candidate. and she has other challenges before with the underlying euro crisis, so she will be hoping this interview with the matter to rest. >> linda crane, thank you very much. the u.s. presidential season has officially opened with republican voters in the midwestern state of iowa giving
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the narrowest of margins -- just eight votes -- to former massachusetts gov. mitt romney. former governor rick santorum also got 25% of the votes. and a casualty of the voting -- tea party favorite michele bachmann has announced she is quitting the contest. >> rick santorum lost by such a narrow margin, it feels like a win. he has become a contender. >> every morning, i would give up and take on that challenge, and it would require the strength of another. one that is sacred. i have survived the challenges so far. >> mitt romney managed to scrape of victory, but for some republicans, he is not conservative enough. pragmatist's in the party see
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him as the candidate most likely to appeal to the widest electorate, increasing their chances of taking the white house. >> you know, i think he is electable. i think that is the big issue. some of the others are not. in the general election, they would not stand chance. >> i like that he has business experience. i like that he will cut government spending. i think he has the best shot to beat obama. >> rick santorum enjoys support among conservative christians, including in the tea party. >> he has a track record of confronting the left and winning. >> we like that he is pro-life, that he has been consistent, that he was in the senate. he is someone that got things done. >> there is still a long way to go before the republican nominee is decided. the next big test is in new hampshire. >> it will be interesting to see
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how rick santorum does in other states. the momentum he gained in iowa could carry him on on my. >> stay tuned for the -- and so, too, the final round of voting in egyptian elections. voters in nine of egypt's provinces are casting ballots. the results are unlikely to change the outcome of the elections. religious parties like the muslim brotherhood are expected to emerge as winners. final results are expected later this month. washington has welcomed plans by european union governments to impose an oil embargo on iran. eu diplomats confirmed a preliminary agreement has been reached. sanctions could start at the beginning of the month. and e you embargo on iranian oil would be an additional -- and the u.s. embargo on iranian oil would be an additional
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consequence. iran has threatened measures like closing the strait of hormuz. >> and sergei udaltsov has been released from prison after a month. he urged his supporters to keep working for democratic change in russia. he was taken prisoner for his involvement in an unauthorized demonstration. while he was in jail, udaltsov was hospitalized several times after going on hunger strikes. we will have a look at the business world and the latest from sarah. >> exactly. more signs this could be a tough year for the german economy. the german institute for economic research has lowered its growth forecast. expects gdp growth of 0.6%.
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narrowly avoiding a recession. the silver lining is growth should be up and running by 2013 as long as politicians find a convincing solution to the debt crisis. >> germany's economic recovery has ground to a halt. the german institute for economic research, the diw, is forecasting less growth than in previous years. >> this is not really a surprise development. after a deep recession, the economy went into recovery. now it has leveled off. but the eurozone debt crisis has made matters worse. is causing problems, particularly in the year rose done, but beyond that. >> slower worldwide growth will have repercussions for the german economy. >> german exports will be hit by the global economic slowdown. first and foremost, it is the
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year of crisis that is acting as as we export 60% of our goods to foreign countries. >> and domestic demand is said to decline. experts say that is because most germans do not believe the eurozone debt crisis will not -- will be resolved anytime soon. >> and a big rally in at the beginning of the week followed by a dip today. we have more from frankfurt. >> the auction of new german government bonds was not 100% convincing. yes, demand outstripped supply, but by a relatively small amount. it looks like confidence is slowly returning. this also has to do with unicredit. the bank offered shareholders dividends to take part in a capital increase. shares of unicredit lost 14% on
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wednesday. people here are bracing to hear more negative news like this in the course of this year, 2012. >> let's get a closer look at the market numbers now. will stick in frankfurt where the dax closed lower. the eurostoxx 50 also laura. in new york, trading still under way for the dow jones industrial average. it looks like it is paring those losses at 12,411. the euro declining against the dollar, trading for $1.29. investors are losing confidence in hungary. the nation's currency fell to its lowest level ever against the euro. budapest is trying to borrow 20 billion euros for its high sovereign debt.
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concerns sent the euro to 320 florence on wednesday -- florins on wed.. a new rule requiring chevron to pay $18 billion in damages for pollution in the amazon jungle. chevron failed to make a public apology. the oil giant has slammed the decision saying it is further evidence of corruption in ecuador's court system and it will not comply with the ruling. 2011 was a bad year for natural disasters. it was the costliest year on record for the global insurance industry. the most expensive disaster was the earthquake and tsunami in japan in march that caused losses of 27 billion euros. coming in second, the new zealand earthquake.
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overall the year for a whole had damages of 81 billion euros, topping a previous records from 2005. >> northern europe is being battered by powerful storms disrupting rail and sea travel. coastal regions in northern germany saw winds of over 100 kilometers an hour and forecasters say the worst is yet to come. it could be two more days to for the storm passes. now he is 3 meters long and it looks like a dolphin, but he gives the game away as soon as he opens his mouth. it is the new type of ichthyosaurus identified in germany. take a look at this giant reptile that lived in prehistoric waters. >> these bonds are 130 million years old. the animal day -- these bones are 130 million years old.
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the animal they belong to was unknown until now. scientists have identified an entirely new kind of ichthyosaurus. there were found near highway in germany. the team at the natural history museum spent months recovering the fossils'. >> you have to really concentrate on your work, so the bones do not get damaged. and in your mind, you have to reconstruct the world the animal was living in. >> the international team of scientists realize the fossils', together with those found in britain, were a new type of ichthyosaurus. >> now we have proof they did not die out. they lived on in the cretaceous. . this is an entirely new genus. >> they lived in what were
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oceans millions of years ago. scientists hope there'll be plenty of new discoveries in the future. >> in ski jumping, hopes of taking a grand slam in wednesday's tournament have been dashed. gregor schlierenzauer had to take a back seat to a fellow austrian. >> it was another day of celebration for austrian ski jump fans with two of their countrymen on the podium. but this time gregor schlierenzauer had to forfeit top honors to andreas kofler. andreas kofler nailed his second attempt. e-it is countryman's hopes of taking the contest. -- he dashed his countryman's hopes. the best german was in at
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seventh. >> thank you for watching "the journal." after the break, and will be back with famine in east africa. the the surge y.
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>> welcome back. half a million people at the mercy of hunger, hopelessness, and they are theoretically the lucky ones. is the africa has suffered famine and civil war. daddab is the largest refugee camp in the world. the challenges of caring for 500,000 people in such an unforgiving spot would be great enough, but daddab has been infiltrated by the same islamist guerrillas that many were fleeing in somalia.
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it is a nightmare situation. >> the doctor is trying to understand why this little boy so malnourished. he has been in the refugee camp for more than two months. he was not killed when he are right and he has been receiving enough food. -- he was not ill when he arrived and he has been receiving enough good. >> is says right here -- it is very difficult to know the exact age of a job. >> doctors -- why are doctors at you're seeing some many malnourished children? what is going on in the camp? is there not enough food? foreign medical workers to not know how many children are living in the camp -- do not know how many children are living in the camp. >> it is better to be safe than sorry.
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>> the aid workers only leave their quarters in arms convoys, if at all. last month, al-shabaab kidnapped two workers at i and i show of force. it changed the atmosphere inside the camp. >> right now, we just go to the camp to distribute food, keep the wells going, and insurer the emergency care is maintained in the clinics. >> but the kidnapping of the medical workers in october overstepped the mark. kenya declared war on the militia. the kenyan army created a safe zone and close the border, even to refugees. al-shabaab threat to retaliate. been at two landmines exploded -- then two landmines exploded.
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miria and her family arrived six months ago from mogadishu. she said they were sorely missed in the cam. -- camp. >> i call them out in the middle of the night. both of them came by car and delivered the baby safely. they were fantastic. pain never should have been kidnapped. -- they never should have been kidnapped. >> marian is attending a crisis meeting organized by camp elders. she says they should have cooperated with the aid workers sooner. is too late, she says. fear and mistrust will people's lives. >> only a handful of people are guilty. not everyone here in daddab is a
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criminal. as a mother, i implore the aid organizations to return and continue their work. we are suffering here. we have already suffered enough in our country. >> western aid workers rarely show their faces. since kenya close the border, refugees have stopped entering the camp, but everyone knows a few managed to sneak in some of. only those officially registered receive food rations. >> no one identifies -- neither the government's -- beat new arrivals. that means people cannot get access to food, food items, shelter. so, maybe that is the other reason, that people have to share with relatives from somalia. >> could this be the reason why there are so many undernourished
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children in the camp hospital? rations' meant for one person are being shared with many? the rain, mud, or trash piles may be a reason for the growing numbers of people suffering from diarrhea, but no one knows what is going on because no one dares to investigate. at this refugee council meeting, they say they have no idea how many people might have secretly cross the border and join the camp in recent weeks. >> the new people do not register with the police, the government, with us or the council or the organization's. they do not want to be sent back. >> some residents suspect the newcomers could include islamist said or militiamen. one man chooses to speak out of earshot of the others. >> we mistrust each other.
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we are fearful for our lives here. many people support al-shabaab. >> it is difficult to tell friend from foe. two years -- to bought days after our departure, another mine exploded in -- two days after our departure, another mine exploded in the camp. >> to find out more about the problems of providing relief under fire, we spoke with the representative from the food aid to -- the food aid organization working in the camp of. we asked how difficult it is getting aid to the people who need it their. -- there. >> right now is very difficult things to a series of attacks. grenades were exploiting.
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policemen were hurt. people were kidnapped from aid organizations. we have suspended activities and right now there is only food aid, and the repair of the water system that is going on. the non-food items are currently distributed. >> the doctors at the camp say they never dare to leave their offices for fear of violence or being kidnapped. to your people feel safe there -- to your people feel safe there? >> the people in the camp to not have a long-term perspective. there is no land where they can -- 150,000 people are completely dependent on the aid of external organizations, and they have no perspective. they need to be reintegrated into their country. they have to find another place where they can build up a home and livelihood.
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>> kidnappings, roadside bombings. how stable is the situation? >> we are currently going with escorts, but it seems the best course themselves are the major targets. -- it seems the escorts themselves of the major shuttle endeavour. with the involvement of the kenyan military, the situation has deteriorated. negotiations have to start and people need to trust again that aid organizations will keep on helping them. there's also in security coming from a confluence between arriving refugees and the existing population. >> with the german food organization german agro action.
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thank you for joining us. to stay tuned for more news and information.
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